Corporate Branding At Its Best

Corporate branding is something of a must these days; if you do not have a branding presence out in society then it becomes twice as difficult to conduct business. In order to get their brand across to the public, the corporate entities use a variety of methods such as broad advertising, personal campaigns and other activities. One of the things they promote is corporate branded presents. Not all of them, however, work successfully. In order for corporate branding to work successfully, it needs to have the following characteristics:
A Subtle Touch 

Whatever item you decide to brand must be subtle and work well within the overall context of your company. For instance, if you decide to brand a b2b gift card and then present that as a corporate present, the logo must be placed strategically so that the user will constantly see it but not consciously. The logo can be placed on the top left hand corner of the card where it will not compete with the more important logo of the product. Thus, your branding needs to be subtle and effective. 

Functional and Relevant 

Another important thing about branding is the items that you choose which have to be functional and relevant to your business. There is no use in a financial institution branding kitchen knives for instance. Think of something that will provoke a discussion like a bobby bizz bag that may not immediately scream our company name, but will definitely spark some words about where the user got it etc. As long as the name of your company comes up at some point, you can put your logo in anything relevant. The more functional the item the better because then there is a higher chance that the item will be used more. 


On rare occasions, branding works when it is brutally in-yer-face. Glamour brands employ this to much effect. For instance, make up brands constantly produce gift bags and cosmetic mirrors with their name emblazoned across the top. This works to the advantage of the consumer because it is prestigious to be associated with certain brands for certain products. This logic does not apply all the time however, so be careful when placing your logo everywhere. Examine whether or not your brand is something that appears on television often; whether celebrities use or promote it; and whether it represents status in the minds of the users.  

Corporate branding is a subtle art and is all about finding the right item to brand and the right place to place your logo in. Some brands will display their name in loud and ostentatious ways but mostly, it is better to keep it low-key and consistent.